Your Brand is not just a logo...

It is much, much more!

When Professional Brand Strategists build brands, 90% of the brand is built before they even start to look at the logo. Let us craft a plan that will connect with your customers. Through our brand strategy process, we will help you focus on the right questions to ask to get your right customers .








Ask the right questions
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Who is your perfect customer?


If you don't know who your customer is, you will never be able to focus completely on engaging the right customer. 


What does your customer really want?


By determining what your customer wants, you will be able to focus your product or service in such a way that they will want to buy from you. 


How do we give them what they want?


To get your product or service out to the right people, you must have a plan. Nothing is accomplished without

a plan.


Why does your product or service matter to them.


If you can determine how it will effect them positively after using your product or service you will have a customer for life. 

Let us take you through our Strategy Design process. It will guide you to the answers you need to connect and engage with your perfect customer.

We work with you to evaluate your whole business brand messaging.

We will re-define and re-work your current business processes to increase the engagement in and the understanding of your product or service.

We will re-design and re-imagine your brand identity

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Did you know that most businesses struggle to convey what they do or what they offer clearly? By being intentional with your company's brand strategy, we focus your message to quickly engage customers and create long-lasting relationships with them.

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Serial Entrepreneur

I haven't worked with anyone better who gets how people work and is able to translate that into design and messaging.  

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Mike was great at not just helping me understand what I need to be better at but helping me to accept and buy into new ideas. He has a great process and a great way of working with people. 

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Exhibit Designer

Mike spearheaded the unification of theme and logo for us in our publications, online and via social media. That process was handled well and communication was clear and complete.

Founder, NextGen Leadership

We have many ways to help you. 


Initial Evaluation


Sit down with us for 30 minutes and we can decide together if we are a good match for you. 

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Self-Directed Brand Strategy Outline 


Get a step-by-step self-directed program that will help you simplify and clarify your brand message.

Business Meeting

Brand Strategy Workshop

Call for Quote

Onsite or Virtual workshop. Let us help you develop an intentional approach that will define a strategic plan to focus all of your brand and marketing. 

If you have any questions about our process feel free to ask.

We will get right back to you